Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sharing My Roses

It's the middle of January and already the days are flying by and disappearing into the flurry of the new year! I thought I would stop in to say hello and to share my roses before they are too much on the wane. I actually like them best when they have relaxed into themselves and have more of a droopy softness.

I'm supposed to be busy with Saturday things. It's still early, but I have already officially cancelled one or two items from my to do list for the day. But some weekends just need to turn out like that!

A few moments spent surrounded by a few favorite and familiar things seem what is most called for this morning. They give me the quiet space to gather my thoughts. To pause in the minor madness and collect myself for a little while, even on one of the busiest days in my week.

I have done mountains of laundry in the past week or so freshening up all the guest beds from the long holiday. Most of our people came after Christmas and into the New Year. Lots of tablecloths and towels into the mix too.

Most of the house has been put to rights. I'm never in much of a hurry, but I don't like to wait until the leftover decorations start to bug me. The greens that I had in these jugs for Christmas stayed lovely and soft the whole season. I'm not feeling like a big change, so a cheery bouquet is enough of a move forward for now.

I have a big appreciation for sameness, and am not one to change things up all that often. But this bread bin is sort of a newer addition to the collective. It leans to the farmhouse flavor that is so fun to have at the moment.

And of course I am never very far away from the beauty and pure energy of a few pretty linens. 

This big basket in the corner of my dining room has turned out to be such a good system for me. So informal and easy. Everything I need is at hand, and I sometimes even iron! Though not so much lately.

All that surrounds me seems to say. "Stop and smell the roses. Gaze on something pleasing for awhile. Enjoy what you have in life."

I hope it's turning into a great start of the new year for you!

So nice that you came by!


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Remembering The Year In White

I always enjoy looking back over the year to review where I've been. Something that blogging makes easily possible. The days and weeks fly by in turn otherwise, and become lost in the daily haze.

But I can see that they were filled with moments of beauty, and touched by all the things that I love. While so much of meaning in life is fleeting and only to be savored in experience, a glimpse of the rooms and scenes which we inhabit along the way can be captured in the passing with the changing of the light. Seized in a way that even our memories can fail to do.

There was the joy of work and shop keeping. . . .

Filled with the texture of fine linen.

Showered with vintage. . .

Sprinkled with garden delights.

Almost always with white as a signature.

My days were dished up in my favorite china.

Served up on a platter with preferred colors and patterns. 

My pitchers runneth over. . . .

So much of the year was filled with the comfort of sameness and routine.

The homey familiar surrounding me each day in the absence of friends.

Objects to use in the caring and feeding of loved ones,

and putting order in my ways.

Even sweeping the patio in spring becomes an event worthy of documentation when you blog! 

And holding on to the first blush of spring.

Girls in white dresses, perhaps for the last time before some imagined day held still in the future..

A cherished memory may spring full formed from merely an innocent morning of play. . . .

There are the gifts that we keep.

And the gifts that we give away.

The endowments of a new season.

And the present in the unfolding of each breathtaking day.
 (Summer equinox at White Sands NM.)

Summer fun came in visiting new and favorite shops at home and abroad like this tea shop in Old Town Albuquerque.

Waxahachie, Texas.

The Old Lucketts Store at Leesburg, VA..

Guy Wolff Pottery, Bantam, CT..

Litchfield, CT..

And once again, home sweet home! 

I hope you enjoy some of these favorite moments on the blog!

The holidays continue with more family arriving today! It's a blessed time of year when family can gather together even if only for a short time.

I hope you look back and savor the best times from the past twelve months.

Wishing you a rich and wonderful New Year, filled with all of the things and people that you love!

Happy New Year!


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